The Concept

How old were you when the Olympics Games were first hosted in Africa? That’s right, it’s never happened.

5 years from today, Nairobi will be ready to submit its bid to host an Olympic Games like no other. We’re deserving of this great opportunity because:

  • We’re a sporting nation

    The world knows Kenya as the cradle of athletic champions. David Rudisha, Pamela Jelimo, Kipchoge Keino, Ezekiel Kemboi, Julius Yego, Vivian Cheruiyot… our champions are to many to list. Event after event, they proudly bring home the medals to mark their domination, particularly in distance running and track & field. But that’s not all. Kenya has competed in the Cricket World Cup since 1996, made strides in rugby - currently ranking 12th in the world series standings, and football remains one of our most popular spectator sports.

    In addition to stellar participation, we have hosted several major sporting events. The recent IAAF World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017 were a success. There is talk of a bid to host the 2023 IAAF Worlds. We have dipped our toes in the pool - now we want to dive in.

  • Great weather

    Every year, millions visit our home for beach and safari holidays. The weather is great. In addition to leisure holidays, sport tourism is quickly becoming a notable attraction. World champions and fanatical runners make their way here for high altitude training. Just don’t ask us to host the winter games.

  • Geographic location

    We serve the region as transit hub. Despite the bashings we give them, there’s much to be said about our railway, airports, port, roads and communications. We can get there (pun intended).

  • Fast growing economy

    According to The World Bank’s most recent Kenya Economic Update (October 2016), our economy is growing. This is due to a vibrant services sector, enhanced construction, currency stability, a growing middle class, increased public investment in energy and transportation, plus a host of many other good things. Point is, we’re good for investment.

    In fact, there’s an argument that a country’s economic status can impact its Olympic success. The Legatum Prosperity Index 2016 ranks Kenya 97th of 149, raking in points on account of social capital and business environment. Hosting the Olympics would put more medals in our achievement display-cabinet due to a ‘home nation premium’. History has demonstrated that host nations usually win more medals.

Imagine Nairobi 2032

“Everything you can imagine is real” - Pablo Picasso

Imagination has everything to do with reality. Leaders need imagination to set visions and goals to aspire to. It also allows them to see opportunities and obstacles that are yet to be realised. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were considered daydreamers. Whatever they imaged aeons ago is now solid reality.

We have the power to imagine the very first Olympics to be held on African soil, and adopt a penchant of working together towards a bid. The future reality could very well be Nairobi 2032.

“reality is wrong, dreams are for real” - Tupac Shakur

What It Takes

Hosting the Olympic Games provides immense opportunities to create new service facilities, upgrade standards, increase capacities & improve quality of service across all sectors.

The challenge will be to embrace innovative plans that are workable now, yet remain useful decades into the future - but that’s why they call it sustainable innovation.

15 years is a long time, but in terms of infrastructure and capacity development, it’s just enough.

Bidding to host an Olympic Games is a collective effort that drives public engagement.

Numerous public and private sector teams will need to work together tirelessly to show that Nairobi has what it takes, win the bid, and deliver a powerful legacy thereafter.


    • Clarity of Vision
    • Project Planning
    • Management
    • Value Creation
    • Sustainability & Legacy

    • Venues & Stadia
    • Accommodation
    • Olympic Villages
    • City Planning & Adaptation
    • Transport Systems
    • Infrastructure

    • Financial Modelling
    • Funding & Securities
    • Legacy & Impact
    • Budget Balance
    • Sustainability
    • Insurance

    • Governance
    • Partnerships, Licensing & Agreements
    • Legislation & Guarantees
    • Customs, Immigration & Tax
    • Host City Contracts
    • Sporting Committees & Federations
    • City Authorities & 3rd Parties

    • Energy Systems
    • Environmental
    • Civil & Structural Works
    • Telecommunication
    • Facility & Infrastructure Development Transportation Hubs & Loops
    • International, National & Metropolitan Transport Systems Integration

    • Games Concept & Theme
    • Games Brand Identity
    • Design Systems & Extension
    • Marketing & Communication
    • Wayfinding Systems
    • Environmental Graphics
    • City Brand Extension & Co-Branding
    • Broadcast Graphics

    • Design Thinking
    • Service Design
    • Systems Design
    • Experience Design
    • Design Sustainability & Legacy

    • Digital Service Delivery Platforms
    • Media & Broadcast Infrastructure
    • Communication Platforms
    • Ticketing Systems, Applications

    • Medical Services
    • Security Services
    • Emergency Services
    • Supply Chain & Logistics

    • Workforce Sourcing
    • Local Capacity Building
    • Professional & Casual Skills Training
    • People Management

    • Operational Excolumnsence
    • Service Delivery
    • Event Experience
    • Events Co-ordination
    • Facility Management
    • Team Management & Accreditation

    • Sporting Excolumnsence
    • Facilities & Training
    • Grassroots Scaling
    • Talent Development
    • Anti-doping

Get Involved

We want to work with you.

We have the courage to realize big dreams, and the drive to take charge of building a better Nairobi.

Like-minded individuals, organizations, professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, government, and optimists at large - let us know which areas below you’d like to be involved in:

  • Strategy & Direction
  • Engineering
  • Services
  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Brand & Creative Design
  • Human Resources
  • Economics
  • Design Innovation
  • Games Delivery
  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Sporting Performance

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